Download the 5 visual summaries

If you attended TEDxCopenhagen you were part of a big drawing exercise with the people from Bigger Picture. Each participant received a Visual Agenda, a pen and a notepad. These served as an “analogue” engagement tool. The slides show the toolkit, the agenda itself and the way in which they were used during the day for people to reflect, engage and collaborate around 4 key questions that can be found in the slides below


Now you can download the 5 visual summaries from TEDxCopenhagen September 18th 2012. With a crew of 2 process illustrators and 6 visual harvesters, Bigger Picture created a 6 meter poster of the entire day and 4 visual synthesis’ of 4 questions answered by the 650 participants.

You can download the 5 visual summaries at the Bigger Picture blog







(click the images to download a PDF on

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