TEDxCopenhagen main event
February 07 2019
Bremen Teater
Nyropsgade 39-41
1602 København V


"To believe or not to believe"

That used to be the question. Today, believing in something is more complex, constantly changing and evolving. In a society that encourages individual freedom, we are constantly exposed to people who perceive the world around us in a different way. Individual belief is celebrated and although our beliefs may be different we are brought together through the knowledge that belonging is an integral part of personal existence

We are changing and so are the things we believe in and the values we hold. As Western values evolve from the religious to the individual and secular, our beliefs move beyond spirituality. Thanks to innovations in modern technology, a wealth of information is now easy to indulge in. But with an infinite amount of information, truth becomes increasingly relative, causing our beliefs and values to evolve.

What do we actually believe in? Why do we believe? How have our beliefs changed? In the upcoming TEDxCopenhagen event, we want to explore the modern landscape of what we believe in, what you believe in, what they believe in and what it all means to us.

Join us on February 7th. 2019

Tickets goes on sale December 7th. 

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