TEDxCopenhagen salon event
June 12 2017
Microsoft Development Center
Kanalvej 7
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Navigating The Digital Maze

Follow the Red Thread

The digital world is a complex labyrinth with endless possibilities, leading in unexpected directions to places previously unknown. It’s not easy to navigate the digital maze; as technology continually evolves, so does the maze.

Tech and the digital universe are undefined. There seems to be no end, nor a clear path from beginning to end. We need to fully prepare ourselves for the digital reality to come.

Let the red thread of TEDxCopenhagen unravel in the many dark corners, down the steep alleyways of the digital labyrinth, with hopes of showing you a way through the ever changing future. What you learn and see might surprise you.

We’ll point the spotlight in five places. You’ll walk away with five avant-garde ideas. These TEDxCopenhagen 2017 speakers will give you clues to build your online path and relationship with its components. As technology scavengers themselves, they will share their ideas, excitement, potentials, and pitfalls worth spreading. A galloping digital future awaits where we use and master the next big things in tech.

Embark on a journey through spirituality, literacy, health, design and politics. Join us on June 12th. Prepare to be (a)mazed!

The speakers, program and ticket sales will be announced soon...


By Alexandra Connerty, Charlotte Zeuthen Lesenecal, Cornelia Fancher Brinkmann & Nicole Andreou

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Our 5th speaker Jakob Balslev/@hellorokoko will share a human story about #tech on June 12! #tedxcph #digitalmazet.co/J5thguVmxS
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