April 02 2017
By Kristoffe Biglete

Idea Generation Workshop

The Experience Team put together an Idea Generation Workshop that took place on April 2nd. The purpose was to inspire creative ways to shape the experience when delivering a message.

We asked Csenge Rezmany, Team Lead for the Experience Team, a few questions about what they discussed during the Idea Generation Workshop. Here’s what she said;

What was the purpose of the workshop on 2nd April 2017?

The purpose of the workshop was to gather all of the Experience groups and welcome other group members who would like to generate ideas with us. I believe it made the idea generation process quicker, as we could quickly discuss everything and step further. 

What did you guys discuss about how the digital world is changing us?

We really depends on our phones, computer. Feeling lost and uncomfortable without it…Therefore, we are starting to lose our “independence”..?!

What did you gain out of it?

As it was only the idea creation part, the sky was the limit. It was the place to share/create all of the super crazy, unbelievable ideas and we did so. Now it’s time to select those and think about the execution.

What do you think most people gained out of it?

Inspirations, new ideas and to see/hear different views/opinions in an aspiring environment with amazing people. 

What was the funniest part of the day for?

When in the break we had a ‘wake up game’ by Asta. We had to stand in a tight circle and doing funny movements while saying some words (which I think don’t have any meaning) in rhythm. It was fun and definitely waked us up! :)  

What is in store of the workshop on 30th April 2017?

It is going to be on the 30rd of April. It is basically about the execution of the already existing ideas. It’s purpose is gathering people who are working with any kind of execution during the Salon event. Therefore, even though we have limited place for the workshop, few people who are interested from other teams are welcome to join us.