May 24 2017
By Nicole Andreou

Navigating future growth in the digital age

Everyone can use a little guidance when navigating the digital world. The possibilities are endless, but not everyone is aware of these many digital opportunities. Since 2009, TEDxCopenhagen has helped world-changing innovators amplify the impacts of their remarkable projects and activities aimed at creating a better world for future generations. This independent and self-organized TEDx event brings people together to spread knowledge and ideas - enlightening the path through our digital world and revealing its potential.

Creating digital sustainable solutions for future generations

 The Danish IT specialist Atea, TEDxCopenhagen’s main sponsor for 2017, embrace the digital world in its full potential everyday. As a market leader, their goal is to create sustainable IT-solutions, enhancing people’s lives in our fast-paced, digitally connected society.



Atea |


Atea’s core mission is to design and deliver responsible solutions for many different areas in the Danish society, creating better learning solutions for schools, IT-systems for the Danish healthcare system, the police and many more, while being mindful of the social aspects of our environment. Atea is doing their part to create a safe IT-society that reflects the heart of the Danish culture, so that future generations can navigate more securely and effectively in the ever increasingly digital age.

Spreading ideas and finding solutions together

Atea is striving to find solutions they can be proud of, and just like TEDxCopenhagen, Atea’s goal is to inspire ideas and put them towards future solutions. As with Atea, TEDxCopenhagen believes good ideas can continually improve people’s lives.



- By Charlotte Zeuthen Lesenecal