August 22 2017
By Kristoffe Biglete


Photo credits: B14 (design)

Why You Should Answer Every Question With Probably

Our special guest, and fifth speaker at today's event is...J.C. Jacobsen! 130 years after he passed, we are happy to have him on stage via hologram!

Jacob Christian Jacobsen (2 september 1811 – 30 april 1887) commonly known as J.C. Jacobsen, was a Danish industrialist and philanthropist. His most well known achievement was founding the Carlsberg brewery in 1847. As many of the great entrepreneurs before and after him, J. C. Jacobsen had a unique philosophy guiding both his business practices and life ethics. 

In a world that craves certainty, he firmly believed in a scientific approach to life: Tackling your ignorance. Discovering the unknown. Investigating the obvious. Exploring the accepted.

His guiding philosophy? Answer every question with probably.

Learn more on August 23rd as we Trust Uncertainty!