November 15 2018
By b14


Often we believe in something, without ever realizing that it is possible to question it.

That is the case with the Scandinavian welfare states, according to economist Lau Svenssen. At school, we learn of the advantages of the welfare state, and we revel in the international acclaim for our system. But is this almost devout confidence wise? Lau Svenssen cautions our blind belief in government.

We believe in many things. Sometimes because we choose to believe – but in some cases, many of us believe so unwavering and unequivocally, that we never realize having a choice.

One such example is the Scandinavian belief in the welfare states.

The world is looking to Denmark for inspiration. Emmanuel Macron in France and the Democrats in the US praise the stability and strength of the welfare state. And in Denmark, we enjoy the attention and overwhelmingly agree.

But according to the acclaimed economist Lau Svenssen, the belief in the system has become so ingrained in the public that it borders on religious piety. While governments change – overall, the system does not. This provides the stability, which is envied around the world, but it also entails a deadlock, because we stick vehemently to the status quo, even though society is changing.

The welfare state is strong – too strong for our own good.

So join us at TEDxCopenhagen on February 7th, 2019 at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen to hear, how Lau Svenssen wants to challenge our belief in the welfare state.



Lau Svenssen is an Economist