April 05 2017
By Nicole Andreou

TED Cinema Experience at Cinemaxx

Be part of the TED Cinema Experience in Copenhagen! This year CinemaxX København is bringing to you a livestream of the annual TED conference for the first time in Copenhagen. To mark this landmark event, TEDxCopenhagen will be hosting a pre-screening event on the opening night.

Bring your Ideas Worth Spreading to TEDxCopenhagen and Cinemax's Pre-screening Event and you’re invited to join TEDxCopenhagen and Cinemaxx in an interactive, creative and inspiring warm-up to the TED 2017 conference livestream straight from Vancouver, Canada. 

Be among the first to see TED’s 2017 lineup of brilliant speakers, sharing their unique ideas that will transform our future. Receive the opportunity to have your curiosity sparked, mind opened and worldview shifted through three community viewing events at Cinemaxx Copenhagen. 

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TEDxCopenhagen Pre-Event on Opening day (25 April - 18:45 - screening)

You’ll be joined by members of this year’s TEDxCopenhagen Advisory Board and Communications Team, who will guide you through the wonderful world of TED. Be the first to get a sneak peak about the upcoming TEDxCopenhagen Salon event in early June, explore what “The Future You” looks like and the “Digital vs Human” debate. Share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas on an interactive wall for all to see. All designed to prepare you for the journey through TED 2017 which follows. Small refreshments and snacks are provided.

TED Cinema Experience

25. April 2017
26. April 2017
30. April 2017

Ticket Price: 135 DKK 

  • Opening event (25. April; 19:30)

Join the TED 2017 opening night which is the kickoff to the TED conference. Experience manifesting TED talks presented for the first time of speaker including Tim Ferris, Garry Kasparov, Laura Galante or Rabbi Lod Jonathan Sacks. 

TEDxCopenhagen will make sure for you to get the most out of this TED experience by guiding you through the event by several activities on the topics “Digital vs Human” and “The Future You”. Get inspired to learn more and contribute with your ideas to Copenhagen. Get a taste for the local TEDxCopenhagen community and stay tuned for drinks, snacks, and ideas worth spreading. 

Buy tickets here: http://bit.ly/TEDCinema

  • TED Prize Event (26. April 19:30)

The price ceremony of TED2017 will be presented, broadcasting how a TED-speaker will receive $1 Million to support his bold and creative idea for global change. This investment aims at solving globally urgent problems. Furthermore, previous TED-laureates will speak about their achievements.

Buy tickets here: http://bit.ly/TEDCinema

  • Highlights Exclusive (30. April 17.00)

For the first time, TED will be presented exclusively for a cinema audience around the world. This cinema exclusive event will give insight into TED 2017 conference experiences, behind the scenes footage, and catch inspiring moments of vital TED talks. In summary, the most inspiring, insightful and uplifting TED talk moments from this year’s conference will be highlighted.

Buy tickets here: http://bit.ly/TEDCinema


Learn more about speakers and this worldwide Cinema Experience bit.ly/TEDCinemaExperience