October 18 2016
By Kristoffe Biglete

TEDxAarhus: "Head in the sky, feet on the ground"

We were at TEDxAarhus at the beginning of October for their event To The Moon And Back in Tivoli Friheden. Story.

Copyright: TEDxAarhus

There was a moment of awe upon seeing Miriam Swartz swirling around mid-air, her thighs solidly hooked to a trapeze five meters above the ground. While her legs were strongly gripped to its wooden base, the movement of her free limbs kept on gently and graciously swaying. The performance was inherently poetic and lighthearted, while Swartz’s muscles got tensed, and her body and movements got tighter. This was a piece for dreamers. This was a piece for people making those dreams come true.

For its first edition as TEDxAarhus, previously TEDxVennelystBlvd, the event featured a dozen of talks and speakers, which were dreamers at their core, and driven by their passion. But To The Moon And Back was also mainly about makers and initiative-takers, like Thomas Lütken, who traveled the world to challenge prejudices about cultural differences by using humour and lightness, or Niels Christian Hansen, who uses cognitive music researches to challenge the idea of the innate, magical artistic talent.

Another way to create is also to take the alternative routes, by researching usage of psychedelic drugs in neurobiology like David Erritzoe, or fighting the late-riser bias in modern society like Camilla Kring. The most characteristic talk of the day was Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen, engineer and candidate for the Mars One controversial project, who showed compelling dedication and passion, and the firm belief that dreams overcomes our being - but should be rooted in solid knowledge.

While being idiosyncratic of TED vision of imagining a better world, To The Moon And Back not only carried on the long life legacy of societal optimism, but also successfully featured the faces and ideas of the people, who as David Byrne would sing, have their “head in the sky, feet on the ground”.