April 04 2016
By Kristoffe Biglete

TEDxCopenhagen: Contemporary dance and after-party

At the 2016 TEDxCopenhagen’s Main Event, the audience will enjoy live talks, TED videos and art performances on stage; but creativity and inspiration will also be happening outside the theater. The event will be accompanied by contemporary dance performances, and completed with an after-party featuring a pop-rock concert and a DJ-set.


DANSEATELIER - Symmetry Score

Outdoors performance - curated by Nordlys Festival

Consider symmetry
a matter of perception and perspective
two sides affirming each other
relating to a constructed core
duplication as balance

Danseatelier is a vision and a physical space consisting of 10 dance artists. Danseatelier is located in Copenhagen and we are concerned with the notion of collectivity and modes of sharing knowledge. We first came into contact with the symmetrical movement principle through the choreographer Keith Hennessy.

Links: Danseatelier.dk, Facebook.

Sarah Hedegaard Pedersen - I Hear Someone

Outdoors performance - curated by Nordlys Festival

“I am here among you as a person wearing a mask. A mask portraying an animal, but which is clearly made out of plastic. So you won’t confuse me with a real rabbit.
Maybe, I am wearing this disguise to creep you out; so you won't see how nervous I am. Maybe, I am inspired by a man called David Lynch who once directed a sitcom called "Rabbits". Maybe, I am wearing an animal mask during a performance for its proven popularity and quirkiness.
I might just not want you to start a conversation with me. No one starts a conversation with a rabbit."

'I Hear Someone' is an eerie, surreal and quirky piece, with a twist of understated naivety, by choreographer Sarah Hedegaard Pedersen.



The band plays melodic rock music, drawing inspiration from American rock music that is easy to listen to and sing along to. Through joint efforts, the five band members of TREES IN TORONTO have managed to create great pop-rock songs. Through their lyrics, the band tells stories closely tied to strong feelings and emotions.

With concerts at several prominent venues, TREES IN TORONTO is starting to build up quite a track record which include concerts at Train (DK), Store Vega (DK), Knust (DE) and Smukfest 2012 (DK), as well as playing as the warm up act for Turboweekend and Duné.

Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.



Theodor is a young, old gentleman of the Copenhagen nightlife. As Label Manager of the record company Sound of Copenhagen, he handpicks the country’s greatest talents, and as Producer of the duo Averos, he creates floating dream House. And oh yeah, he recently was part of creating the Thursday club Manna at Jolene.