July 31 2017
By Kristoffe Biglete

Venue Announcement: Join Us at Glyptoteket




The Central Hall. Copyright: Kim Nilsson

After only a few short weeks since the TEDxCopenhagen Salon event Navigating the Digital Maze, we’re super excited to announce we are back! On August 23rd, TEDxCopenhagen will host Main event: Trust Uncertainty. We are truly thrilled to announce our amazing venue, the Glyptoteket.


But what is the Glyptoteket?


Other than being an unpronounceable word for most foreigners, the Glyptoteket is a gallery hosting a 10,000+ collection of artworks built around the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen - the namesake to the world-known beer Carlsberg.


Carl Jacobsen was a collector of Greek and Roman sculptures, as well as 19th century Danish and French portraits. You’ll find endless rooms stuffed with floating heads and torsos spanning centuries throughout the permanent collection. The plastered walls of French and Danish paintings from the 19th Century will overwhelm your senses. Finally, or initially, wander your way to the ground floor and into the Winter Garden - an indoor oasis with fountains and foliage from around the world.


Saving the best for last is the Festsalen - the Central Hall. Rented out for events, we’re very excited to be building up the stage among the marble columns and towering statues for this TEDxCopenhagen Main event. And don’t worry, your ticket to the Main event also includes admission to the Glyptoteket collection.


This year marks 135 years since the original opening of the Glyptoteket in 1882. Let’s celebrate this occasion on August 23rd with an exploration of what is means to trust uncertainty!


-by Alexandra Connerty


The ticket sales, list of speakers and the event programme will be released in the following days.