March 06 2016
By Nicole Andreou

Angela Oguntala

Do you ever ponder the future? About how much power you possess to influence it? The future happens organically: technological progress will guide us to our bright and successful future, so we should just follow, comply and let it lead the way. NOT!


Angela Oguntala challenges us to reconsider the idea of a single future. She aims to make us aware of the abundant number of diverse realities and alternatives for the future, each of which can be influenced by each of us.

There is a distinct culture behind emerging technologies: select individuals determine, fund and promote certain projects and behind these chosen projects are particular parties, supporting these ideas and curating our imaginations, amongst them: governments, technology companies and even Hollywood!

We too can shape and impact futures by being curious about how other people and cultures around the world perceive realities and imagine futures. In doing so, we can acquire the power to reconsider futures, design concrete plans and reach targeted goals. As a designer, Angela Oguntala helps create experiences, products and services, allowing people to connect (in her words: “feel through”) to their chosen future.

So, join the main TEDxCopenhagen event on April 7th and dare to become more open to reconsidering your futures with Angela Oguntala!


- By Monika Gailiute


Angela Oguntala works across design and futures studies. She thinks about alternative futures and creates plans for how to reach those desired futures. 

Links: angelaoguntala.comTwitter