August 08 2017
By Kristoffe Biglete

Berit Hessing

Encountering uncertainty – the power to handle adversity


What if one day, all of a sudden, your life turned upside down? So much so that your identity was shaken to the core. Events, experiences, expectations, certainty, and uncertainty define life as we know it; or life as we cannot dare to envision it.


Berit Hessing is joining the upcoming TEDx event, to tell a story very close to her heart. One that challenged her, made her and her loved ones reconsider and restructure their entire realities. She will narrate how a family illness reshaped her life, for the better.


“This experience made me more secure. It showed me how to take what comes to me, and use the moment”.


However certain one might be about life situations, a bad or a good surprise might always be around the corner. Berit will voice a lesson she learned the hard way. That any circumstances, be them dramatic, life changing, challenging or chaotic, they can always teach you something remarkable.


“Don’t be afraid of circumstances in life. They could be a gift, if you just take it in”.


This August, join Berit in her journey through the unexpected, the uncertain, and the serendipitous discoveries of life; life as we don’t know it.

- By Nicole Andreou




Berit is the professional cellist that became psychotherapist. Now working as a stress consultant, in her own practice and as a mentor.