November 13 2018
By b14

Caroline Schaffalitzky

What would a world without religion look like? 

Caroline Schaffalitzky intends to show, how that thought experiment is a little more complicated than you might think.

It is completely natural, that many people associate belief with religion. Many people associate belief with religion and religion has shaped the society, we have today.

But while we praise the right to individual beliefs, religion is frequently chastised for its often conservative values, leaving many to dream of a world with no religion at all. But what would a world without religion look like?

It may seem easy – but Caroline Schaffalitzky cautions that things are not that simple. Because what is religion today. It is not just the simple belief of a higher power – it is also the actions, meanings, and traditions that relate to it.

What would it take to remove religion and all the things and practices it has shaped? It would mean no more Christmas or yoga and much of our cultural heritage stemming from Norse Mythology would disappear – along with all the names based on religious traits or characters. And the names of the months and days.

And that is just the beginning… Are you ready to test your own thoughts on religion? 

Join us on February 7th, 2019 at Bremen Teater to meet Caroline Schaffalitzky, and experience her breakdown of what a world would look like without religion.



Caroline Schaffalitzky holds a Ph.D. and is Associate Professor of Philosophy

Photo by Christian Bang, make-up by Stephanie Asi Brix.