August 14 2017
By Kristoffe Biglete

Erik H. Müller

The choice of not choosing


In a world of obsessive control, over analyzing and always justifying, embracing randomness is often considered naive. And yet, if given the chance to do the one naive or irrational thing, imagine the endless possibilities we could be open to.


Erik Haastrup Müller, an Engineer, will share with the TEDx audience the story about the time he decided to step out of his sensible self, to find out how far randomness could take him. Spoiler alert: It’s also bringing him to the TEDxCopenhagen stage!


“Instead of trying to analyze things, throw a dice, choose a number, and see what happens”.


Informed decisions are overrated. They often make people overthink, repeat their choices, and, ultimately, not see through the infinite of opportunities in daily situations. Erik will suggest that undertaking more random endeavours is not as horrifying as it sounds, and that it is sometimes okay for uncertainty to lead the way.


“I trust uncertainty. I trust it so much that I let it make decisions for some aspects of life”.


On August 23rd, Erik will break monotony in a surprise TEDx talk, citing evidence to support that it’s more fun to let it be!

- By Nicole Andreou



Erik Haastrup Müller is a an Engineer and Entrepreneur.  He is an owner of Futation and and makes material libraries with physical samples of inspirational materials for product developers. In the controlled world of an engineer, Erik chooses to see the value of randomness in small or large scale decisions.