May 15 2017
By Nicole Andreou

Jakob Balslev

Navigating Digital Presence

Technology is increasingly allowing for digital presence and the creation of online identities. But, what would it be like if one could step into a screen and tell that joke, punch the villain or kiss that frog?

Jakob Balslev, Film Producer, CEO & Founder of Rokoko, will make these things real! Jakob will be flying from Rokoko’s office in San Francisco to share with the TEDxCopenhagen audience a human story about technology. He will be asking why we still interact with technology in such an unnatural way, even though the digital world is becoming such an integrated part of our lives.

“What would it take to make the digital space a place with empathy, physical identities, real presence, real emotions?”

Recording human movement and translating it into, for instance, animation, used to be a technology of restricted access, due to high costs. Jakob and his team at Rokoko invented a motion-capture suit from a university project, in an attempt to democratise access to equipment. They found that the animated universe the suit created was, not only an exciting one for the film industry, but also one that could eventually assist and supplement autism treatment.

Jakob feels that an entire generation thinks technology is driving us apart; it may be seen by some as alienating, and encouraging anti-social behaviour. Yet, as it is increasingly becoming a natural part of our lives, we will have to work towards finding a way to connect people, convey feelings and unique presence through this digital reality, and ultimately make its use more intuitive.

“Technology is coming if we want it or not. Why not work on adapting to it in a natural way?”

Jakob Balslev, a strong believer of cross-industry knowledge sharing, will be talking about the diverse means of conveying identities to the digital space. Join him on June 12th, as he voices his vision in which technology can connect deeply with people, and transfer presence and emotions.


- By Nicole Andreou



Jakob Balslev is an Entrepreneur and a Film Producer. He is the Founder & CEO of Rokoko, an art/tech startup based in Copenhagen and San Francisco. He works with motion capture, and has the vision of turning it into a creative tool to make interaction with the virtual space more intuitive and natural.