September 30 2015
By Tine Stevnhoved

Ole Kassow

The right to wind in your hair

Ole Kassow (age 48) is the founder of “Cycling Without Age”, an initiative which gives senior citizens the opportunity to get out of nursing homes and experience the city and nature by rickshaw.

Two years ago, Ole Kassow went unannounced into his local nursing home in Copenhagen and offered the elderly a ride in a rickshaw. This turned out to be a big success and quickly had a knock-on effect. Now municipalities in several cities across the country have bought rickshaws for their nursing homes, and a network of volunteers offers residents the opportunity to get out and feel the wind in their hair. This meeting of generations provides a unique opportunity for the elderly to share their stories and experiences, which are often triggered by these trips out into the local environment.

This initiative not only strengthens communities across generations, but it contributes to both physical and mental well-being of the elderly and volunteers, thus giving nursing homes and municipalities a golden opportunity to stimulate and promote health and mobility.