April 01 2016
By Nicole Andreou

Simon Jul Jørgensen

Do you think about how the meat that you eat has been killed?

Reconsider Conscious Killing

Radio host Simon Jul Jørgensen uses his notoriety well as a butcher with a conscience and a partner at Spis Min Gris (Eat My Pig) by inviting us to reconsider conscious butchery, as the demand for meat increases and the quality of meat declines.

- Meat is now a currency.

We eat approximately 99 kg of meat per person per year and we produce 60% more meat than we can consume in a year. Not only that but most of the meat we consume has been plumped up – legally – with water and perhaps also with additives. Simon points out that this situation can’t continue.

Describing himself as a lover of real bacon and proper meat, Simon is a co-founder of Spis Min Gris, a butchers whose vision is to ensure that animal life is not wasted and that there’s a world tomorrow. Spis Min Gris wants to see farmers, legislators, consumers and leaders take equal responsibility for animal welfare, ecology, biodynamics and sustainability.

‘It’s better to eat good quality organic meat, from a well-cared for animal, twice a week than cheap meat every day,’ he says and continues, ‘I became a killer. I take life for my own benefit. I became a butcher. I did it so my friends can eat well.’

Simon Jul Jørgensen is a conscious killer. Come and hear his story for yourself on April 7th at Bremen Teater.

- by Sinéad Quirke Køngerskov


Simon Jul Jørgensen is a radio host and partner at Spis Min Gris, perhaps best known from the series Banjo’s Liqueur Room, Mørk & Jul and The Red Chapel. He owns farm at Djursland, where he works with Frank Erichsen (DR’s Bonderøven – back-to-basics farmer), spreading knowledge about organic food and being self-sufficient.