September 30 2015
By Tine Stevnhoved

Terje Lade

Powered by nature

Terje Leiv Lade will give a presentation on the vision behind Vindskip™, a hybrid eco-efficient shipping vessel powered by the wind and liquified natural gas.

Terje has been working in marketing and sales of Norwegian Ships Equipment in China, South Korea and Japan for the last 15 years. He has also spent 10 years as a designer within Offshore Engineering and in his spare time he has been working on the design of speed sailing boats. Terje has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and was a member of the British organisation AYRS (Amateur Yacht Research Society).

Vindskip™ is a vessel with a hull shaped like a symmetrical air foil going in the relative wind, which will generate an aerodynamic lift giving a pull in the ships forward direction. This is Vindskip™ trademarked Wind Power System. With a LNG-powered propulsion system in addition, to start the ship from zero, it can exploit the aerodynamic lift here generated to create speed and save fuel: It becomes a dynamic system keeping a constant speed on the ship through cruise control.

Vindskip’s estimated fuel savings compared to a reference ship is 60%, and it has an estimated reduction of 80% in CO2 emission, while the cargo capacity compared to a reference ship will be equal or higher.