September 30 2015
By Tine Stevnhoved

Valerio Sandri

Peer-to-peer car sharing and the evolution of private mobility

MinBilDinBil was born by trying to solve a practical problem common to all cities in this world: the overcrowded streets with parked cars, the under-used privately owned cars, and the limited access to these cars by non-owners. is a website where these car owners can rent out their cars when they’re not using them. It is a simple way to connect car owners with people who temporarily need a car.
He started out in 2012 on the back of concepts about sharing economy, collaborative consumption and peer-to-peer car sharing, which were getting very popular in many places. One year later, in July 2013, MinBilDinBil became the first person-to-person car sharing platform active in Denmark.

Valerio believes the advantages of a peer-to-peer car sharing platform are very wide and will create lasting value for local communities.