The Oral History Of That One Day TEDxCopenhagen Happened

Oliver Enné from Apropos Magazine gives us an run down of 2012’s TEDxCopenhagen event at Bremen on September 18th via conversations with some of the people he encountered on the day.

Can you change the world in 18 minutes? That was the question when 650 hand-picked participants gathered at the Bremen Theater in Copenhagen on September 18th to witness 20 creative thinkers talk on subjects close to their hearts. We spoke to some of the guys (and girls) who helped make this day what it was. This is their experience. In their own words, obviously.

8:36: Robert Nagy, guest: I expect quite a lot from today. I hope I’ll get inspired and meet some new people. I’m a graphic designer so hopefully I this day can inspire some of my professional work as well.

8:47: Lærke Ullerup, Co-organizer: I’m super excited. A choir is about to kick off the show today. We’re a little behind schedule, but overall everything is great. It feels a bit strange to know this is it. But, hey, it’s always nice with a climax.

9:54: Jakob Thalund Møller, TEDx’s Twitter guy: We’re off to a flying start. The conference started not one hour ago, and people are active on Twitter already. Man, people tweet about everything. Some because they’re excited about the talks and others want to know if we can do anything about the heat in the back of the room. We’re working on it. I’m out here in the halls, but hopefully I’ll be in the main room where the action is later on.

10:50: Claus Meyer, speaker: I’m obviously a little nervous right now. I’m going on stage in not too long. I’m used to speaking in front of a bunch of people in smaller Danish cities, and I never get nervous, but this is something else. Maybe because it’s being filmed and transmitted to the world. Ask me how I think it went when it’s done. I’ll either be in tears or over the moon.

11:23: Lærke Ullerup, Co-organizer: I think we’re doing great. So far we’ve had a few problems with the screens in the conference room, but besides that, we’re great. I was a little nervous before going on stage to kick off TEDxCopenhagen, but now I’m just in it.

11:37: Per Vers, speaker: I’m the last person going on stage. I’m going to do a wrap-up freestyle rap that combines all of the topics discussed by the speakers. Right now, I’m all about observing. I could have just been here for the rehearsals yesterday. Then my job would be easy (laughs). But, honestly, it means a lot for me being here. TED is, like, my favourite website so it’s a huge honour being able to close the show later on.

12:25: Robert Nagy, guest: So far, I’m very impressed. I especially liked Lars AP and his ”Fucking Flink” movement. I think that’s my highlight so far. But it’s just begun. I really look forward to seeing Dark Matters later. I heard they did some pretty awesome things for this years event.

12:52: Claus Meyer, speaker: I think it went according to script. I even got a standing ovation, so I guess that’s pretty good. I baked a bread up on stage. I was obviously a bit nervous, but I think the audience liked it. And 18 minutes is the amount of time it takes to bake a bread, so I figured it would fit perfectly time wise. And luckily, it did.

14:02: Jakob Thalund Møller, TEDx’s Twitter guy: I’m the main room now. So I get to see the talks. And we’re pretty trending on Twitter which is great. I don’t know exactly how many retweets and mentions we’ve had so far. But it’s at least 50 these last thirty minutes alone.

15:13: Lærke Ullerup, Co-organizer: I love what I’ve seen so far. I think Claus Meyer was outstanding. And Troels Petersen really surprised me as well. Oh yeah, and Signe Bjørn Jensen’s talk about scouting was amazing, too. They’ve all been great. This is what TEDx is all about for me: hearing about things that you wouldn’t hear about anywhere else.

17:10: Robert Nagy, guest: First of all, the rapper at the very end was bloody amazing. Really. But all in all today has been great. A lot of new impressions, new knowledge and new people I’ve met. I think Claus Meyer was one of my personal highlights from today. And the rap act at the end, of course. Hopefully I’ll be back next year. If they’ll have me (laughs).

17:21: Per Vers, speaker: Did they like it? I hope they liked it. The vibe from the audience was incredible. I really didn’t expect a standing ovation at the end. But it was fantastic. Personally, I liked all the science stuff. To me, TEDx is like the ’revenge of the nerds’, so all the science stuff is really my type of thing.

17:36: Lærke Ullerup, Co-organizer: I was definitely much more comfortable going up on stage to close the show, than I was opening it. It’s quite a strange feeling right now to know it’s all over. But it’s amazing. The volunteers have been amazing. Whether it’s a success? I guess that’s for the future to show – if people will take the inspiration and knowledge they’ve gotten today and use it in the real world, it is.

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