TEDxCopenhagen main event
November 09 2019
TIVOLIs Koncertsal
Vesterbrogade 3
1630 København


Humans have become the dominant force in shaping the planet. It’s the result of a rapid social, scientific and technological advancements, which has brought humanity both security and anxiety. Poverty is diminishing and education is on the rise. But can we prioritise sustainability without sacrificing the bottom line? Is our educational system geared to prepare our children for jobs that don’t even exist yet? In our constant drive for self-improvement, are we overlooking the potential consequences? And as social media carves us up into filter bubbles, how can we take action and unite around a shared sense of humanity?

Join us in November when we explore ideas to guide us through a precarious era in human history – an era shaped by rapid and intersecting technological advancements that impact our everyday lives on an unprecedented scale.

We will ask what an uncertain future of humanity’s own creation might look like, and present solutions and pathways to futures where we can thrive together.

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