October 30 2019
By Kristoffe Biglete

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a TEDxCopenhagen Event

Are you fond of watching TEDx talks on Youtube? Who isn’t, right? So why not attend the live event?

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a TEDxCopenhagen Event

There is a world of difference between watching the videos online and attending TEDx in person. The good news is that TEDxCopenhagen is happening this November 9 and here are the comprehensible reasons why you should be there:

1. TEDx is more than just a conference, it’s a community!

You will not only be listening to outstanding speakers but will also be forging meaningful connections with people who share a passion and dedication to making the world good. These are people who are well informed and zealous about their own advocacies too.

2. You can actually meet the speakers and discuss their ideas!

The speakers are more than happy to discuss their talks, which they have likely been working on for months, in between sessions and during breaks. You’ll see how truly passionate they are about their topics. Don’t be shy to approach them (but don’t monopolize their time)!

3. Let the ideas flow!

Unlike many corporate seminars and group events, you won’t just sit there and listen. You’ll have all the opportunity to discuss and challenge misconceptions with people who are thinkers, doers, and change-makers.

4. You’ll be captivated by the speakers!

Be prepared to go on an expedition as the speakers will take you on a journey into the world as they experience it. No pauses, no problem with streaming or outside noise, just pure immersion. You’ll be able to learn how they convey their messages too. You’ll see their moments of vulnerability and be able to feel it deeply with great empathy.

5. Build your network and be surrounded by diverse and fascinating individuals.

You’ll find individuals that you can connect to in different ways! Meet local and visiting innovators from a wide range of exciting fields. The conversations and connections built by the people who attended the event are just as important as the ideas presented from the stage.

6. Try something new!

Most conferences limit themselves to discussing a single topic. TEDxCopenhagen goes beyond industries and sectors. Just look at the list of speakers!

7. The talks are well curated.

When you watch online, the tendency is that you only watch the most talked about or most viewed videos. Attending the live event entitles you to see various talks in 90 mins. These are pre-selected and organized sessions that allows you to see a bigger picture as opposed to just having one good idea at a time.

8. It is non-profit and run entirely by volunteers.

TEDxCopenhagen is managed by volunteers who work tirelessly to provide a platform where people can have deep dialogues to change the world. Their main purpose is not to make money but to pioneer in events that radiates solutions to problems that are seldom talked about.

9. You’ll see things differently.

After listening to many impactful and mind-blowing speeches, it would be unthinkable to leave without feeling compelled and encouraged by something you experience at a TEDx event. It has an effect to make you want to be a better person (which hopefully you’ll work on).

10. Lead an exciting change for the community.

Don’t waste your time and opportunity when you attend a TEDx event! It’s a favorable time for you to rethink the world and your role in it.


What are you waiting for? Secure your tickets now and grab the chance to become a part of TEDxCopenhagen.

It will surely be surreal!