June 18 2017
By Nicole Andreou

Creativity, Curiosity, Scepticism

Photo credit: Melissa Ørnstrup



“The more you enter into it, the more you’ll take out” – Chris Anderson, TED

Since 2009, TEDxCopenhagen has welcomed 66 speakers to the stage, and made each talk available online. From boy scouts, to happiness, we are now welcoming five new speakers to the TEDxCopenhagen roster who will provide insights into how we can navigate the digital maze.

These five TEDx experts in diverse fields, from political science, to filmmaking, interaction design, and media studies, to Buddhism, share their ideas on how we can continue to navigate the digital maze – our increasingly digital realities in creative, curious, and slightly sceptical ways. Hosted by Lasse Feldt-Rasmussen, our afternoon digital navigator, lays down one of the many red threads to guide us.


By understanding technology, speaking its language and not being afraid to break it, we can repurpose it in new and interesting ways. Our vision for what it is can become so much more, as our creativity begins to flow. This will help to create a future where the technology will be manifest by the people willing to engage with it.

Take Unfitbits – when a device is used in a new and unusual way to create a lot of useless data, can open our eyes to the possibility of a conversation with devices that can be what we want them to be.

Photo credit: Melissa Ørnstrup


Or camera sensors, for example. When placed within a suit, they can be used to create immersive augmented realities, think dancing king frogs in colourful forests, that is affordable, approachable, and more natural, to the everyday consumer. The use cases are endless – from a hobbyist’s dream, to life changing therapy for people living with Autism, it’s the individual’s creativity that shines through. 

Photo credit: Andri Geirsson


There is an unsung curiosity to explore how things function now, and how they could be in the future. And it is up to us to maintain that curiosity. From going beyond news, both fake and real, on social media, to understanding the three pillars for diplomacy to function – time, space and tact. We must discover what goes on behind the scenes.

Photo credit: Simon Skipper


We must want to understand the relationship we have with our devices, even if it makes us uncomfortable. And become more mindful of our attention moving forward – this is our most valuable currency going into the future. Learning to remain present while immersed in technology, continuing to explore this relationship and define barriers to our technological relationships. 

Photo credit: Charles Ndwiga


And meditate.

Photo credit: Charles Ndwiga


“Could we open up a space where we could wonder about how things could be?” #wonderlog – Annelie Berner

“Our attention is running from us – we have to catch up with this attention” – Alexander Avanth


Maybe we should not take the world as it is just because it is this way. There is a need for continued scepticism, but a positive spirit to help us navigate the digital maze.

Photo credit: Melissa Ørnstrup


To continue to ask tough questions, both of ourselves and of the people and institutions around us. Should we equate transparency with democracy? Can our digital rights be signed away by clicking a box on terms & conditions no one reads? Who is in control of our attention – our devices or us? We can shape the future into one we want to live in – but it requires us to act now. 

Photo credit: Andri Geirsson


Each idea warrants a new technological ethics – one we can leave as a legacy for the next generations. A code of ethics for the next technological breakthrough, an active mindfulness and attention with devices, an open and continued dialogue with makers, protected digital rights, and a newfound appreciation for diplomacy.

Looking forward to a brighter future, these five TEDx speakers asked important, thought-provoking questions, making the audience laugh, think, critically analyse, and be mindful of many of the things we take for granted every day, while also thinking far into the future.


- By Alexandra Connerty



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