January 21 2019
By b14


Belief helps us navigate the world. With all of the knowledge we now have at our fingertips, we've never had more freedom and opportunity to shape our beliefs and our understanding of how the world works.

Peter Stanners has a laugh that can fill a room. It’s a trademark, but so too is his thoughtful, curious, and passionate demeanour. From his degree in philosophy to co-founding and publishing a monthly newspaper, he has always questioned the world around us and sought to understand how we come to believe the things that we do. “Beliefs provide us with rules that help us move more freely through the world”, he says. But the nature of belief is changing in the Information Age. We’ve never had more knowledge about the world we live in. But with all this information at hand, why do people’s beliefs continue to clash?

We believe things not simply because they are true, but because believing them enables us to belong to a community or offers us some other benefits. It’s not a coincidence that we largely see the world the same way as our friends.

Peter believes that this sense of community is precisely why it’s challenging to argue ‘facts’ with someone you disagree with, and why public debates have become so polarized. So what can we do about it? Peter believes that we ought to spend more time understanding people’s motivations for their beliefs, which first requires us to improve our own abilities to be patient and empathetic.

As our host, Peter brings his experience in seeking out and communicating knowledge as a journalist, editor, and publisher to bear. He’s comfortable asking hard questions, is patient enough to get to the core of an issue, and can communicate what he discovers with ease.

Peter tells stories and shares experiences to help people better understand each other, and the things they care about the most, and as our host on Feb. 7th, he’ll do just that.

The talks each examine the theme from a different angle, but expect to be challenged, to be moved, and to perhaps leave with a new perspective on beliefs you may have once taken for granted.



Peter Stanners, Journalist & TEDxCopenhagen host