October 20 2019
By emeka.onyenwe@gmail.com

Revealing THE SPEAKERS : Anne Dencker Bædkel

Expect to see the future in new ways

Do you ever think about the future? Does it keep you up at night thinking about it? Well don’t, because Anne Dencker Bædkel is here to tell you that the future is not as complicated and fearful as you might think.

As a sociologist and senior advisor at a Think-Tank working with futures studies, Anne knows all about how complicated the future can seem to some. That is why she wants to make us feel like the future is easier to relate to, both when it comes to companies, public institutions and as individuals. 

She will show us that it is possible to view the world in a systematic and future oriented way. She will do this by talking about a method, which can keep an eye on emerging risks and trends coming our way. These risks and trends are found via manual pattern recognition and analyzed with a future oriented mindset. By doing so, we can start to get an idea of the future developments, risks and trends that are coming our way, and start to react to them faster and better than we otherwise would have.

Get ready to get inspired, look at the future in a very nuanced way, as a concept, as something we can actually have conversations about, on November 9, 2019, for the TEDxCopenhagen 10 year anniversary event, where Anne will enlighten you.

Get your tickets here https://bit.ly/2J6jLDu.