October 20 2019
By emeka.onyenwe@gmail.com

Revealing THE SPEAKERS : Maia Kahlke Lorentzen

Expect the unpleasant 

Maia Kahlke Lorentzen

It’s only been 15 years, since social media platforms such as Facebook became available for the public. A platform for free speech, but it has quickly evolved – bringing about a change in the way we interact socially, scientifically and technologically, which has brought humanity both pleasure and anxiety. A playground for fun as well as bullying and stigmatization. 

This playground is where Maia Lorentzen spends most of her time; Arguing with strangers on the internet. Because she considers it important to take a stand: We need to stop feeding the trolls and start fighting them.

When the dialogue is only online, behind the screen, we are much more likely to say things, we would otherwise never dare to say to a stranger. 

Consequently, online today, you have to expect the unexpected. Maia Lorentzen spends her days dealing with the online unexpected unpleasentries. How does she deal with them? How should you deal with them? And why should we engage in anything undesirable online? 

Find out as Maia Lorentzen takes us down the road to an uncomfortable truth – and shares how to prepare for the unexpected at the TEDxCopenhagen 10 year anniversary event on November 9, 2019.   Get your tickets here https://bit.ly/2J6jLDu.