October 20 2019
By emeka.onyenwe@gmail.com

Revealing THE SPEAKERS : Morten Sylvest

Expect to start worrying


We are in the 4thindustrial revolution. A revolution where machines are rapidly taking over many of our jobs. This means job loss at an increasing rate. This while globally, there are about 200 million people unemployed according to ILO, and that’s put low. So what happens if the new labor market takes off into the future, leaving not just these people but hundreds of million more behind? This is a question that keeps Morten Sylvest, Partner at Deloitte, up at night. 

Morten is concerned how we will address future work challenges in an inclusive way. Seeing as we will have to reeducate people approximately every 10thyear to keep up with the machines taking over jobs, a task that seems overwhelming. Especially as UNESCO indicates, that anywhere from 10-15% of the global workforce have what they call limited basic skills, meaning they are functionally illiterate and have difficulties learning anything that’s on paper. How will we be able to reeducate these people? Who is going to provide that reeducation? Who is going to pay for this?  

With these extraordinary numbers, you got to think about solutions that are outside the norm. The basic education system has to start teaching kids how to learn and unlearn, and learn and unlearn, instead of seeing learning as a very fixed thing. And the first education that you get that’s great, but if its not going to last more than a maximum of 10 years, who is going to refill you? And who will pay for this refilling? The company you work for or the government in the country of your residence?

Get ready to worry for your career, as Morten takes you on a journey into the hidden worries and hopes of the 4thindustrial revolution, on November 9, 2019, at the TEDxCopenhagen 10 year anniversary event.

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