October 20 2019
By emeka.onyenwe@gmail.com

Revealing THE SPEAKERS : Sune Hannibal Holm

Expect enlightenment

Sune Hannibal Holm

As machines and technology become more and more advanced, they start to take over functions for humanity, but this is not without ethical dilemmas. So, how do we handle these future dilemmas with respect to AI? 

Associate Professor in philosophy at the university of Copenhagen, Sune Hannibal Holm, says; My focus is not on whether we should be for or against AI technology, but on how to use it in the right way. As with so many other things in life, it’s about considering the benefits and risks. Especially, as we do not know what the future will bring, we need to start thinking ethically about AI and the concerns that may arise with it. For instance, when and why society should or should not use AI to make decisions about citizens.

You can expect to feel enlightened, as Sune takes to the TEDxCopenhagen stage on November 9, 2019, for the TEDxCopenhagen 10 year anniversary event.

Here he will not only give you a framework for discussing your concerns about AI technology, but also share some basic conceptual tools for discussing it in a critical way. Stay tuned!

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