October 20 2019
By emeka.onyenwe@gmail.com

Revealing THE SPEAKERS : Surabhi Goswami-Christiansen

Expect to rethink your identity

Surabhi Goswami-Christiansen

We think, we know ourselves. Know what defines us. What drives us. But do we? Is this image really true or are we deceiving ourselves? 

Surabhi asks herself questions like these on a daily basis. As a communication specialist, who has been communicating on global issues for more than a decade, she feels that we are restricting ourselves to our national identity. That thinking nationally only limits us and threatens our future. Especially at a time of global challenges we need to recognize our global identity and come up with global solutions. But what is our global identity?

As a migrant who has lived and traveled to many different countries, Surabhi self-identifies as a global citizen: A citizen ready to shake up other citizens dwelling in their national bubble. Because how can we prepare for any unexpected developments, if we only adhere to the status quo? When we do not know, what to expect?

Surabhi will not only force us to think in the bigger picture, but also reveal some personal information about her genetic ancestry that is surprising. 

Get ready to see yourself in a very different light, when Surabhi hits the TEDxCopenhagen stage on November 9, 2019, for the TEDxCopenhagen 10 year anniversary event.

Get your tickets here https://bit.ly/2J6jLDu.