November 26 2018
By b14


Do we believe in things, because society has taught us or told us to – or does belief come from within?

That is a tricky philosophical question – because even though belief is usually considered a confidence in something greater than ourselves. But what if believing is just as influenced by our subconscious? An inner voice that we as a society have consciously forgotten.

According to Aksel Haaning, we have been neglecting a part of our natural heritage for too long. Something which was celebrated within the field of philosophy long ago – but since forgotten.

In his talk, he will bridge modern society with the philosophers of Antiquity and tells us about the “suppressed memory” in the history of a culture that relates to the inner voice.

What does this voice inside have to tell us and why does it matter? And equally important – can we find it again? And how?

Join us at TEDxCopenhagen on February 7th at Bremen Teater and meet Aksel Haaning, as he guides us back through the “forgotten memories” in the history of philosophy on a journey to find this voice within – and hear why this matters.



Aksel Haaning holds a Ph.D. and is Associate Professor of Philosophy

Photo by Christian Bang, make-up by Stephanie Asi Brix.