November 26 2018
By b14


What do you believe in - when everything is taken from you?

Alex Sabour has had a very difficult year. He was doing well. He had a successful job. A good marriage. A fantastic family – most of all, his greatest joy was being a father. Then he lost it all.

Alex is going to talk about how to keep living, keep believing, after you lose everything worth living for.

Because, Alex still believes, he believes in life. 

On stage, Alex will be sharing how he coped with such tremendous loss and overcame it, because he believes it can change your life too.

Join us at TEDxCopenhagen on February 7th, 2019 at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen to take part in his belief for a better tomorrow.



Alex Sabour is the founder of Gorilla Media Denmark

Photo by Christian Bang, make-up by Stephanie Asi Brix.