December 10 2018
By b14

Denis Rivin

Who shapes our future? And how do you see your own role in determining, what the future holds?

Sometimes it is hard to believe in a bright future. Our planet is struggling under our ways of living. Temperatures and sea levels are rising. Political and societal differences seem as divisive as ever.

Generally, it is not easy to predict, what the future has in store for us. Not even for a futurist – but according to Denis Rivin, there is plenty of reason to keep believing.

That is what he wants to take us through when he takes the stage at TEDxCopenhagen in February: What he believes will shape the future. And why he remains optimistic…

Because while technological advancements are partially blamed for many of the climate problems, we face today – according to Denis Rivin, they will also be instrumental in the shaping of our future: Tech will be a catalyst for awareness and the tool for change.

Join us at TEDxCopenhagen on February 7th, 2019 at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen and take a look into the crystal ball of Denis Rivin – and see how you can take part in changing our future.


Denis Rivin, Futurist

Photo by Christian Bang, make-up by Stephanie Asi Brix.