September 30 2015
By Kristoffe Biglete

Klaus Phanareth

Klaus Phanareth is a pioneer and longstanding enthusiast on both strategic and organisational levels in the field of clinical e-health.

Klaus Phanareth, MD, Ph.D. is internationally known and recognized for his longstanding work for example as innovator of “virtual hospitals” and other projects in the field of e-health.

He has been the inspiration and driving force in relation to the development and implementation of technology solutions for patients with chronic conditions.

In his talk, Klaus Phanareth explains how the Epital has started to change the lives of citizens in Copenhagen. The Epital is the first user-driven, multi-disciplinary health care system, aimed at giving us the power to manage our health effectively.

What if chronic disease no longer will require us to visit specialists, or spend time in a hospital?

The Epital transforms fragmented health care into a connected and collaborating health care experience based on digitalization, accessible telehealth services, and common sense. It is a movement towards “minimally invasive medicine”.

The Epital concept is disruptive to the conventional structures of health care; it requires a fundamental redesign of attitude, services and organization, in exchange for more freedom to stay healthy in spite of our chronic condition and a dramatically lower cost for the society.