October 13 2015
By Kristoffe Biglete

Leif Sørensen

Seventy percent of what we learn, we learn from practicing. This is where the value lies and this is where our tools for change management need to focus.

Leif wants us to bear in mind all the elements surrounding change processes. He believes that practicing change through a gamified reality can do just that.

Leif and his company has researched and developed gamification tools using the 10-20-70-model, which tells us that 70 % of our learning comes from practicing.

Gamification is the tool to let us tap into that value and learn from the 70 pct.

Leif is founder and CEO of Relation Technologies. The company develops educational games to make people more engaged and motivated to thrive in organisational changes, leadership development and stakeholder communication optimisation. Relation Technologies is now a leading supplier of tools that support learning and training in connection with organisational development. They certify internal and external consultants in the use of three main learning concepts. The mission is to take the learning experience out of the classrooms and into the work place.