December 13 2018
By b14

Marie Steenberger

Believe in compassion

We are constantly exposed to good nutritional advice: This food is good for you. This food is bad. This is healthy – and this is the best way to lose those extra pounds! But according to Marie Steenberger, we need to step back and rethink our approach to eating.

When the dialogue is only about the rational, the ingredients and their chemical effects on the body, and not the emotional motivations behind our appetite, it is only rational that the feelings associated with eating are not counted in the equation of good health. Eating isn’t just nutrition, it’s also about coping with our emotions. Marie believes we need to turn and engage with those emotions if we want to change how we eat for the better.

Marie Steenberger walks on stage with a mission to offer a challenge to her health professional peers and bring emotion back into the discourse on eating and good health. Maybe the problem isn’t carbs.

Maybe it’s a lack of compassion?

Come and experience Marie Steenberger at TEDxCopenhagen on February 7th at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen, and hear her take on nutritional dogma with self-love and confidence.



Marie Steenberger is an Author & Nutrition Expert

Photo by Christian Bang, make-up by Stephanie Asi Brix.