Humans have become the dominant force in shaping the planet.

Humans have become the dominant force in shaping the planet. It’s the result of a rapid social, scientific and technological advancements, which has brought humanity both security and anxiety. Poverty is diminishing and education is on the rise. But can we prioritise sustainability without sacrificing the bottom line? Is our educational system geared to prepare our children for jobs that don’t even exist yet? In our constant drive for self-improvement, are we overlooking the potential consequences? And as social media carves us up into filter bubbles, how can we take action and unite around a shared sense of humanity?

Join us in November when we explore ideas to guide us through a precarious era in human history – an era shaped by rapid and intersecting technological advancements that impact our everyday lives on an unprecedented scale.

We will ask what an uncertain future of humanity’s own creation might look like, and present solutions and pathways to futures where we can thrive together.66

Ticket price

135 kr for students excl. credit card fee (VALID STUDENT ID MUST BE SHOWN)
- all students welcome.
195 kr for non-students excl. credit card fee

Seating: we offer open seating, so no row-number-shuffle (some seating will have limited view)


SP01 Maersk Auditorium,
Copenhagen Business School

Eat from home before the event - no dinner included. Light snacks & drinks will be provided

If you have a question, you can mail us at students@tedxcopenhagen.dk

Worried that you can't make it?
You can change the name on the ticket, so if you are unable to attend, your friend can use your ticket. Login in via Universe.com.

A team of engaged students from different universities have worked on this for several months working by the motto: For students, by students.

A very special thanks to our Gold Sponsors PwC Danmark and COWI, and our Silver Sponsor Novorésumé, without them this event series would never have seen daylight.

Thousands of volunteer hours go into planning and producing an event series like this. But each event also comes with tons of expenses. We need AV for the show, video production, expert training of speakers and moderators, F&B for the 40 people working on set-up and event days, prints and signage, shipping and transportation and many other things that all add up to some big numbers.

The grand help from PwC Danmark and COWI have helped us minimize financial risk and ultimately enabled us to offer tickets at very low and fair prices.

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About TEDxCopenhagen

TEDxCopenhagen is a non-profit organization, volunteer-driven and financially supported by the generous help of fantastic corporate partners and you, when you buy your ticket, you support TEDx in Copenhagen.
10 years anniversary, Copenhagen was one of the first cities in the world to host an independent TEDx event in 2009 – and over the last 10 years, many inspiring speakers have given talks to help spread their ideas to make the world better and more welcoming and accommodating for all.

Find out more about the future of work.

*For wheelchair-accessible seating, please contact us at students@tedxcopenhagen.dk

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