TEDxCopenhagen main event
August 23 2017
Dantes Plads 7
1556 Copenhagen

Trust Uncertainty

We live in a world where we must know everything. A culture that celebrates certainty. Where unwavering strong opinions are required to be trusted. 

Because changing our minds is a sign of weakness.

But only a foolish man thinks he knows everything. A wise man knows he does not.

We invite you to celebrate uncertainty. Finding the power in not knowing. The power of daring to question everything and having an inquisitive mind. To trusting your gut and your intuition.

It’s only when we are open to new experiences and opinions that we learn the most.

Join us on August 23rd!


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Why You Should Answer Every Question With Probably
Peter Brøndum: (Strengthen) Focus on Learning Not Grades
Erik H. Müller: The Choice of Not Choosing
Søren O. Ekelund: You Know Nothing, Average Human!
Berit Hessing: Encountering Uncertainty- The Power to Handle Adversity
A live video summary performance by Toni Martin Dobrzanski
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We trusted uncertainty and captured the magic of the show! Looking forward to next time #TEDxCopenhagent.co/Z2lRStrBHi
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