Flemming Rafn Thomsen

Third nature: Climate change is both a blessing and a wake-up cal

As founder and partner in the Danish architecture firm, TREDJE NATUR, Flemming Rafn Thomsen has co-articulated a new vision for our future urban living in a time with drastic climate changes.

According to Rafn Thomsen, the global challenges related to climate changes and our demand for the creation and expansion of cities do not call for two different answers, but rather for the same solution.

Climate change is both a blessing and a wake-up call as it is mobilizing an understanding that our lifestyle is resulting in uncorrectable damage to our environment. At the same time, the growing density of the cities is creating new dreams of a different urban community for it surround residents.

It is these two factors that Tredje Natur is mixing in their architectural work and mission. They are advocating a new way of architecture, where cities and its human life are made part of curated and meaningful urban nature.

City and country come together in a “third nature” where the classic contradictions between city/nature, transportation/recreation, visible/invisible, /their/ours and problem/resource are dissolved and new urban communities created.


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