Søren Ejlersen

Plants are magic

A true organic food entrepreneur with strong ideas about how we should treat our produce and environment.

As one of the two founders of the popular Danish concept Aarstiderne, Søren was instrumental in introducing fresh, organic greens to urban dwellers all over Denmark. Today, Aarstiderne delivers 2 million boxes straight to doorsteps across the country. Following this success, Søren ventured on to a project that focused on educating school kids in growing, harvesting and preparing organic greens as part of their school curriculum.

The idea was to not only feed the kids, but also create a conversation around the dinner table about the way we produce our greens and fruits and the quality of the food we eat.

This concept today teach thousands of kids every year to grow and cook. Now, Søren is on to a new endeavour: reinventing the farm. His concept affects how we will think of agriculture and diet in the future and, at the same time, it also addresses how to feed a growing population.

Farming in the future needs to care for the soil and land, protect our climate and minimise the carbon footprint created by the agriculture industry. To meet these challenges, Søren is experimenting with an organic farming concept in order to change the way we farm and the way we perceive a healthy and delicious diet that is accessible to all income levels.

A farm concept for the future.


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